Sussex flood victims call for more government help after some homes moved – New Brunswick ( admin posted on November 7th, 2018 )

SUSSEX CORNER, N.B. – Sussex Corner residents say they should be getting more help from the provincial government after a home was moved Monday.

The provincial government wouldn’t confirm if this particular home was part of a buyout program for damaged homes.

But earlier this month, the Emergency Measures Organization did buyout two homes on Meadow Crescent. No other buyouts are anticipated.

Susan MacNichol said all homeowners who suffered damages should get the same help.

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“I think everybody in there that is affected by flooding should have been approached by the outfit that did this and we all should have been given the option and we weren’t,” she said.

The home was located in Meadow Crescent where homes frequently flood along Trout Creek.

Neighbours said the home had suffered extensive flood damage.

The EMO also says a home qualifies for disaster financial assistance if the damage is beyond economical repair or the damages are close to the value of the home that comes within 80 per cent of fair market value.

If it meets those qualifications, residents can be offered a buyout. From there, the building can be salvaged and moved at the owner’s expense. The province then takes over the property.

Beth Debow is another resident on the street. She said everyone who’s suffered flood damage on the street deserves some help from the province.

“Is there going to be help for anybody else,” she asked. “I don’t think it’s fair to help a couple of people and not the others.”

By Monday, all that was left of the home was its foundation.

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