Khouri Lamar Green charged with second-degree murder in death of realtor in court ( admin posted on November 7th, 2018 )

The 22-year-old man accused of killing realtor Colin Hill in his home during a break-in on July 12 made his second court appearance on Monday.

Khouri Lamar Green is facing charges of second-degree murder.

Green made his first court appearance on July 14 and looked exhausted as he was brought into the courtroom.

Green is no stranger to the courtroom as he was sentenced to six months in jail in January 2015. Ironically, he was out of custody for three weeks and still on his one year probation when Hill was murdered.

The 22-year-old was well-known to police when he was still a juvenile.

Court records showed Green has a lengthy list of convictions going back to 2010; which include property offences, mischief, break and enters, possession of stolen property under $5,000, possession of a controlled substance and resisting arrest.

On top of the convictions, Green has a long and disturbing list of aliases he has used over the years. They include:

Khouri Lamar Ricardo GreenKidCory GeddesMichael FraksonKhouri Lamar MohamedKhouri Lama GreenFrankie MichaelsTyrell BrownMichael FrankyFrankie Geddes
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According to police, the 42-year-old Hill was trying to stop a man breaking into his home at 64th Avenue and 165th Street when he was shot. Emergency crews attempted to save Hill but he was later pronounced dead at the scene. Green allegedly fled the scene in what was later found to be a stolen car. Several hours later, just before 2 a.m. on Monday, Burnaby RCMP arrested Green.

While there is an enormous amount of outrage in Hill’s community following the murder, former B.C. Attorney General Wally Oppal says most chronic offenders are not violent.

“We call them chronic offenders and often those people are addicted to drugs, homeless or mentally ill but generally those types of people are not violent,” Oppal told Global News.

“It’s unusual to find someone who is a chronic property offender to be involved in a crime of serious violence.”

NDP Justice Critic Mike Farnworth believes parole violators should be sent back to jail.

“I think people are concerned that when you’re violating parole, guess what, you have violated the terms and conditions of your parole… and you should not just be like, oh we’ll just put you away for an additional two weeks or three weeks,” Farnworth said.

“It’s like guess what you’re out, you broke your parole, you should be back behind bars where you belong.”

According to Neil MacKenzie, communications counsel for the Criminal Justice Branch, Green is facing charges of breaking and entering and committing a sexual assault in relation to an incident that allegedly happened on July 30, 2013.

Green was granted bail following a hearing on April 27, 2015. Crown opposed his release on bail and Green was eventually released from custody in early June.

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