It’s ‘likely’ that school boards will be abolished, says Couillard – Montreal ( admin posted on September 21st, 2019 )

QUEBEC CITY – Premier Philippe Couillard was categoric Tuesday when discussing the future of school boards in the province.

He told reporters at the National Assembly that, while no decision has officially been made, it is looking increasingly likely that school boards will be abolished.

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  • Quebec’s English school boards fight for survival

Couillard said that the Jennings report on the future of school boards has been presented to Education Minister François Blais.

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“What we want to do is shift the centre of gravity of the system towards the school, the teachers and the parents,” said Couillard.

“The education project should be set up and imagined at the school level and the regional organization, or however we may call it, is going to be there to help the school and not direct the school.”

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Though the province recognizes the importance of maintaining school boards for the English speaking population and the vital links those institutions play in the community, the Premier said there needs to be another way to maintain such relationships.

The Jennings report is set to be made public at 10:30 a.m. Wednesday morning in Montreal.

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