Facebook just made it harder to get out of going to your friend’s event – National ( admin posted on November 7th, 2018 )

Thanks to Facebook, you can no longer use the line “I didn’t see the invite” as an excuse for missing your friend’s baby shower, engagement party, or the dreaded karaoke night.

The social network is beginning to roll out read receipts for Facebook Events, in its latest mission to complicate your social life.

According to The Daily Dot, event read receipts will allow hosts the ability to see who has opened their invitation and even see which guests have seen updates on the event page. The read receipts can be seen on both mobile and desktop versions of Facebook.

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Facebook already uses read receipts on its Messenger platform, to alert the person you are chatting with as to whether you have seen their last message. It also uses these notifications in group chats, using an indicator to show when each person has opened and seen the message.

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Read receipts are a useful feature – say, when you’re trying to get a hold of someone – but, if you’re trying to avoid someone, they can be a bit of a pain.

Facebook doesn’t allow users to disable read receipts – unlike services like Apple’s iMessage, where you can choose to turn off the feature.

Of course, there are some unofficial workarounds to prevent your Facebook friends from seeing if you have read their message, including a browser extension called “Facebook Unseen” that prevents users from seeing your read receipts on the desktop version.

Sadly, there is no such workaround for Facebook Events yet.

But, as The Daily Dot points out, “It’s not hard to imagine a similar feature being included for friend requests, Wall posts, and comments as Facebook continues its ceaseless mission of telling everyone about everything their friends do.”

Is nothing sacred anymore, Facebook?

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